Connected. Qualified. Employed.


As of 2021, the EOS Foundation – with financial support from Microsoft – is bringing digital training programs closer to people who have lost their jobs due to the COVID19 pandemic. Program beneficiaries will have access to:

  • Initial assessment of skills and interests to identify the best career opportunities
  • Personalized learning paths that will define individual training needs, as well as the courses that are needed to improve employability
  • Training that will largely consist of courses offered by Microsoft and LinkedIn
  • Test and validate user training, skills and experience through LinkedIn and Microsoft certifications
  • Support in identifying and applying for relevant jobs through mentoring and access to a support system for each job seeker.


Resources are available to help you access digital jobs!

1) Learn skills for in-demand jobs

Get free access to learning content across LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn through the EOS DIGITAL ACADEMY program, ranging from entry-level digital literacy skills to advanced skills for technical roles. LinkedIn Learning shares a free library of high-quality learning paths to help you learn the skills for in-demand roles like Digital Marketer, Project Manager, Data Analyst, and Software Developer.1 Microsoft Learn provides you free access to an online platform to help you learn Microsoft technology and products. This platform provides interactive content that can be accessed and navigated at your own pace to help you acquire basic or specialized skills. In this way you will be able to earn an internationally-recognized Microsoft Certification, add a credential to your CV and differentiate yourself in the job market.

2) Earn a certification to validate your new skills

In addition to pursuing the learning content, you have the opportunity to earn, at no cost, a tech industry-recognized Microsoft Certification. This certification shows employers that you have the skills required for roles such as Software Developer, Data Analyst, and IT Administrator. These roles are in high demand today, and – with increased digital transformation in the post-COVID economy – that demand is likely to grow even more. A certification exam that would normally cost US$100 or more is offered, at no cost, by EOS DIGITAL ACADEMY to all those taking the courses made available through the EOS DIGITAL ACADEMY program.

3) Get ready to get hired

EOS DIGITAL ACADEMY gives you access to a range of resources, including those from the Microsoft and LinkedIn portfolio. They prepare you for a successful job search and application process. Through access to these tools you can gain the confidence and know-how you need to translate your new digital skills into opportunity. In addition to the free access to resources, EOS DIGITAL ACADEMY offers participants in the program a series of mentoring sessions where tools will be presented and explained to all those interested. Our mentors will ensure that by participating in the program you will not only acquire new skills and their validation, but you will be 100% prepared for the process of getting employed in a digital workplace.